ESG Approach

Convergent is a pioneer in 'active ESG management' within the Indian ecosystem. Our team has extensive investment and portfolio management experience, combined with a belief that adherence to ESG is a win-win for the company, its stakeholders as well as the community it operates in. We have developed a comprehensive ESG due diligence process with 50+ evaluation factors, and are empowered to influence ESG improvements effectively in the companies we partner with.

At Convergent, we believe in a proactive ESG approach in which we - through frequent engagement with management teams and alignment of incentives – collaborate with companies to increase their impact by integrating tailor-made, sustainable changes into the business strategy. With global recognition that sustainability is important, companies that successfully manage ESG risks and opportunities today will be better positioned for the future as environmental stress, dynamic consumer priorities and more informed regulation create new challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, we have a negative exclusion of companies in the following sectors: tobacco, weapons, extractive industries, gambling, oil & gas and coal.

We like to reinforce our efforts and accelerate the process by introducing ESG-related compensation policies and identifying unexplored business strategies which either improves operational efficiency through circular thinking or unlocks new revenue streams through sustainable innovation of the company's respective value proposition.

For details about Convergent's unique ESG approach and case examples, please get in touch with us.