ESG Approach

Convergent is a pioneer in 'active ESG management' within the Indian ecosystem. Our team has extensive investment and portfolio management experience, combined with the belief that adherence to ESG principles is a win-win for the portfolio company, its stakeholders, and the community at large. To ensure the highest standards of ESG compliance, we have developed a comprehensive ESG due diligence process with more than 25 evaluation criteria and are empowered to bring about ESG-related improvements in our portfolio companies.

At Convergent, we believe in a proactive ESG approach. Through frequent engagement with management teams and alignment of incentives, we enhance the abilities of our portfolio companies by integrating tailor-made, sustainable changes into the existing business strategy. We believe that companies that successfully manage ESG risks and opportunities today are better positioned for the future as environmental stress, dynamic consumer priorities, and better-informed regulations create new challenges and opportunities. To follow through on our belief in sustainability, we have a strict negative exclusion of companies in sectors such as tobacco, weapons, gambling, and extractive industries (including oil & gas and coal).

While high standards of corporate governance and environmental and social responsibility are core values for us, we also believe in practicing what we preach. In February 2021, the Convergent team identified two schools in Sawai Madhopur (in rural Rajasthan) and distributed notebooks and stationery to over 230 young girls. To improve the infrastructure in these schools, we have also contributed funds to construct sanitation facilities, which were previously absent or derelict. As we believe that education can transform the lives of these rural children, we hope our contributions will act as a stepping stone for the next generation of Indians to achieve their dreams.
As the pandemic boosted the shift towards e-learning across the world, some parts of India weren’t as well-adjusted to support this. In February 2022, the Convergent team donated laptops and stationery to 3 schools across rural Uttarakhand, a state in Northern India. The students, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 10, can now access education that they previously had to forego due to infrastructural challenges. Through such initiatives, we aim to follow through on our focus on helping young children in rural areas gain access to education.