Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Convergent strives to be a responsible corporate citizen by helping to create a sustainable financial ecosystem. Our ESG practices reflect our Guiding Principles including, specifically, our Core Value of Social Impact.

Convergent believes that a deep focus on ESG issues is a best practice, and we view this as an essential component of our daily activities. We are committed to investing responsibly, while simultaneously leaving a meaningful impact on society through our efforts.

Our investment process involves consideration of almost 50 factors that relate to the risks associated with environmental, social, governance, ethical and reputational issues. Companies that successfully manage ESG risks and opportunities today will be better positioned for the future as depleting resources, dynamic consumer priorities and more informed regulation create new challenges and opportunities.

At Convergent we aim to create sustainable value while working alongside our platform companies to create a principled approach towards doing business. Our people, operational capabilities and long-term outlook enable us to be part of a solution that makes the world a better place.